Small Businesses

You know you want to make your business greener. And your customers are behind you. Offset your impact today and take steps to reduce your emissions and you will save money, strengthen your brand, and communicate your sustainability leadership.

Fact: Commercial energy use accounts for 18.6% of all greenhouse gas emissions in the U.S. If Colorado businesses and organizations reduced just 5% of their energy use, we would prevent 2.4 billion pounds of carbon emissions in our state per year!  

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We will work with you to calculate your carbon footprint and provide the tools to help you further reduce your impact. And don’t forget to ask about our recognition and partnership programs.

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Download a carbon calculator

Click on this link to download our small business calculator and assess your organization’s annual CO2 emissions resulting from electricity and natural gas use, vehicle and airline transportation, and shipping. Then simply click the ‘Offset Now’ button below, and enter the Offset Cost that appears at the bottom of the calculator.

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