What Is a Carbon Offset?

A carbon offset represents a reduction in emissions somewhere else to balance out the emissions you cannot reduce at home. Carbon offsets support projects that:

Increase energy efficiency in homes, offices and public transportation.
Generate energy from renewable resources like the sun, wind and biomass.
Modify factories and power plants to use fuels that emit less pollution.
Redirect wasted energy through congregation.
Capture carbon dioxide in forests and agricultural soils.

How does a carbon offset work?

In today’s world driving, flying and heating your home are necessary parts of life. Unfortunately, those activities leave quite a carbon trail. That’s why we are dedicated to helping you neutralize your carbon emissions. Every time you offset with CCF you directly support green projects across Colorado to counteract the carbon you emit each year.

Carbon offsets are the only way to get your carbon footprint to zero today.

Are there benefits to carbon offsetting?

Yes! Carbon offsetting immediately combats climate change. Plus, every time you offset you benefit your community, the economy and our environment. Specifically, your carbon offsets help: 

Save money.
Create jobs.
Reduce pollution.
Preserve biodiversity.
Improve watersheds and water quality.
Improve energy security by reducing oil imports.

Do carbon-offset projects have regulated standards?

We guarantee that all of our carbon-offset projects meet the highest quality control and verification standards. We make sure that a third party rigorously measures each project throughout its entirety and that specific funding is reserved for projects that address Colorado’s essential energy needs. Our highest priority is to ensure that your contribution is being used efficiently and effectively, so you can be confident that your offsets produce sustainable results for Colorado.

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