License Plates

Get your Project C license plate to show your support for clean energy in Colorado!

First, make a donation to CCF.

To be eligible for this license plate you must make a donation to CCF. We require at least a $25 donation.  However, we recommend that you make a donation to offset 50% or more of your vehicle’s annual emissions. You can calculate your vehicle’s emissions and make your donation by credit card or check.

Second, review your information on the donation form.

During the donation process, make sure the name you enter matches your credit card and vehicle’s title. After your transaction is processed, you will receive an email with a receipt and a .pdf attachment of the CCF License Plate Certificate.

Third, present your certificate to your Vehicle Registration office.

When you present your certificate you must also bring all documents you normally use to register your vehicle.  Please check with your local county office to be certain you have everything you need to get your license plate. Your county will charge the mandatory $50 fee for any specialty license plate, which is in addition to the donation you make to CCF. More information is available at the Division of Motor Vehicles website.

PLEASE NOTE: We recommend that you call your county’s Vehicle Title and Registration office to make sure they have the Project C special plates in stock. Each county is responsible for distributing plates among their office. If your local branch doesn’t have plates in stock, they should be able to order them within two days. Contact information for your county’s Vehicle Title and Registration office is available on the Division of Motor Vehicles website.

Trouble Shoot

What is the total cost of a Project C license plate?

Your total out-of-pocket expense for a Project C license plate is $75. This includes the required minimum $25 tax-deductible contribution to CCF, which is used to support new clean-energy projects in Colorado. The remaining $50 is a mandatory state fee for special plates, which is collected by your county’s Vehicle Title & Registration office.

How long does it take to get my License Plate Certificate?

As soon as we confirm your online donation made by credit card, you will receive the License Plate Certificate by email. Most likely, you will receive an email from CCF the same day you make your donation. Before contacting the CCF to troubleshoot, please check your spam filter to make sure the certificate did not get caught. If you make a donation by check, we can email you the certificate when we receive the check.

How can my company buy multiple plates for our fleet vehicles?

We would be happy to work with your company to get plates for multiple vehicles. For more information please contact us at  or 720-684-6580.

I’d like to give a license plate as a gift.  What if my name and the name of the vehicle titleholder are different?

If you’d like to give plates as a gift or if you aren’t the owner of the vehicle, please contact us at  or 720-684-6580.

What if I have problems getting my plates?

If you have any questions or encounter any problems getting your plates, please contact us at or 720-684-6580.

Can I personalize CCF license plates?

Yes, you can personalize these plates for an added fee. More information is available on the Division of Motor Vehicles website.

What type of vehicles can get a Project C License Place?

Passenger cars, trucks that do not exceed 16,000 pounds empty weight, noncommercial or recreational vehicles, motor homes and motorcycles. If you vehicle is registered as a bus than it does not qualify for a Project C License Plate. 

Do I need to wait until my current stickers expire?

No, you can get your new Project C license plates at any time. You may wish to check with your local county Vehicle Title and Registration office to see whether they will charge you pro-rated registration fees if you renew before your current registration expires.


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