Carbon Farmers in Colorado

Realizing carbon is the currency of all life on Earth and then actually doing something about it, are two entirely different worlds. These four pilot project producers are leading the charge to showcase how carbon can be used as a resource to restore the ecological balance the land yearns to maintain. 

McCauley Family Farm and Ranch

McCauley Family Farm and Ranch

Niwot, Colorado

Area: 200 acres

Production: Livestock (Sheep, Llamas and Poultry) and Vegetables.

Market: Picaflor Brand, Local Farmer’s Market, Direct to Restaurant Sales.

Producer Vision: “Our mission is to heal people and the planet with delicious food. We connect the dots between consumers and crops, produce and people, seeds and souls.” (Contract with City of Boulder to restore 160-acres of Open Space, see right. This ranch will a demonstration site for compost additions to pasture land).

The Golden Hoof

The Golden Hoof

Boulder, CO

Owner/Manager: Alice & Karel Starek

Area: 27 acres.

Production: Livestock including Sheep (Wool, Meat), Cows, Pigs and Poultry, and Hemp.

Market: Farm Store and Select Direct Market
Opportunities. Seeking Climate-Beneficial Wool Certification with Fibershed.

Producer Vision: “We are a ‘Slow Food Farm’ established in 2012. We enjoy providing healthy food for local consumption. We manage our farm holistically using methods inspired by nature’s self-sustaining ecosystems.”

Ollin Farms

Ollin Farms

Longmont, Colorado

Area: 26 acres

Production: Diversified Vegetable and Perennial Crops, Sheep for Wool.

Market: Farm Store. Local Markets. Fibershed, seeking Climate-Beneficial Wool Cert.

Producer Vision: “We produce top quality farm products through regenerative agriculture. We view our farm as a living, connected system and do many things to ensure the health of the plants, animals, water, and soil that encompass it.” (The CFP includes 16 acres of Boulder County Open Space and will incorporate demonstration plots for compost to rangeland).

Lewis Family Farm

Lewis Family Farm

Hoyt, Colorado

Owner/Manager: Mark Lewis

Area: 354 acres

Production: Organic Broad-Acre Farm (Alfalfa, Hay, Heritage/Perennial Grains, Lentils)

Market: Aurora Organic Dairy, Hay Auctions, Regenerative Grain & Pulse Markets

Producer Vision: “Our mission is to be an exemplary carbon farm, reversing climate change and producing delicious food. We want to be a beacon of change in a landscape of monocultures, impelling those around us to shift to carbon farming.” (Potential Regenerative Organic Certification).

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