The Savory Global Network is a thriving community of people working to advance Holistic Management and regenerative agriculture.

  • Strategy:

    Their strategy is three-fold: they demonstrate our results in diverse contexts; they equip and empower people and share their experiences in learning and achieving success; and they pave the way for a global movement to take off, being an advocate and catalyst of needed change.

  • Our Involvement:

    Hunter Lovins, the Colorado Carbon Funds executive director, is keenly interested and involved with holistic land management practices that can heal the earth, feed the people, and maintain profitability. With Hunter’s expertise and Savory’s ideal location in Boulder, CO we are able to advise the Savory Network on matters related to carbon markets and sequestration.

  • Land to Market:

    They have developed the first of its kind holistic ecological verification based up upon soil health, biodiversity, and ecosystem function. Check that out here.

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