A carbon-neutral Colorado starts with us.

Get A license plate
Get A license plate
Get A license plate
What we do

We reduce carbon emissions in Colorado by collaborating with the right people, local projects, and businesses to protect our beautiful spaces & communities.

The effects
Colorado is not what it used to be
We must change course. We aren’t going to be able to solve this alone. Offsetting our carbon footprint is a sure-fire way to make a difference. Let’s work together to make Colorado a carbon-neutral.
Over the past 30 years Colorado has warmed 2° F
By 2050 the number of days above 95° F will jump from 13 to 28
Snowpack will decrease by 60% over the next 30 years
Making a difference
CCF Projects
The change
Become an environmental advocate
Become an environmental advocate
Your donation supports projects to help fund carbon offsets research in Colorado.
You can use this license plate to help generate awareness throughout our communities.
The spread of information on climate change is vast and confusing to navigate.