We are a local non-profit dedicated to carbon reduction within our state, to ensure you have clean air, a sustainable water source, and healthy soils for generations to come.

Currently, we are working towards supporting local Colorado based-farmers making the switch from conventional farming practices to regenerative practices.

Marcus McCauley, Farm Manager at McCauley Family Farms

This is known as carbon farming.

Carbon farming uses soil as a medium to capture and retain carbon, preserve water, improve producer margins, and build community – all co-benefits of adopting carbon farming. 

This is essential because with our current system:

  • Over the past 30 years, Colorado has warmed 2° F

  • The number of days above 95°F will increase from 13 to 28 days per year by 2050

  • Snowpack will decrease by 60% over the next 30 years

This has caused increased extreme wildfires, decreased water availability, negative impacts on human health, and food instability, to name a few.

That’s no fun. Especially for Coloradoans who enjoy the outdoors.

Rapid carbon removal combined with widespread renewable energy is the only solution to reverse this trend and return our air, water, and soil to its natural balance.

That’s why we created a simple way to get a license plate that helps protect everything we love about Colorado.

If you’re a skier, hiker, runner, think solar actually looks cool, enjoy healthy food, or just want a cool looking license plate – we’ve got you covered.

Our plate works whether you need a new one or want to replace your standard one.

All you have to do is follow a couple of steps to get your own plate and you’ll be an environmental advocate for Colorado, helping to educate others in our larger community.

Since you’ll have to get a license plate anyway, why not get the one that supports everything you love about Colorado? 

We now have over 2,000 license plates on the road and have streamlined the process of receiving a Go Carbon Neutral Plate, making it easier to save you time.

Along our journey, we’ve picked up quite a few proud supporters.

Here’s what a few of them think –

“It allows anyone with an interest in reducing their carbon footprint to participate…nothing special is needed. Sign up for the plate and you will be sending a message about the future of the energy landscape: clean, carbon-free, reliable, and affordable.”

PhilFort Collins

“Chose to offset my vehicle emissions for 2018! Dealt with really great reps over at CCF, and will continue to use them in the future.”

BrennanWater Resources Engineer

“Working with the Colorado Carbon Fund was a fantastic experience. Their unique offering was key to our event, and they led the charge in making everything simple.”

BenAccount Manager

“For a few extra dollars, you can feel good about taking climate action, and spread the word to everyone who sees your Colorado Carbon Fund license plates. They’re a great conversation starter!”


This license plate is for the environmentally minded Coloradoan who wants to drive local impact in food, fiber, and community.

Using carbon farming as a tool to reduce climate impact you can become an advocate for a healthier more climate resilient Colorado.

Offset your emissions and donate now to get your own “Go Carbon Neutral” license plate.

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