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We believe in a healthier tomorrow.

Why Partner With Us
We are here to fund, develope, or market carbon offsets.
With our vast support network we can help you draft the proper materials to develop your project, source funding beyond our own if necessary, and find reliable streams of offset buyers to secure the project into the future.
Submit a Local Carbon Project
We believe that keeping the capital that is produced in Colorado, in Colorado, is an essential ingredient towards solving our climate challenges.
Local Carbon Offset Provider
We only work with projects located within the state of Colorado to ensure we're building circular, localized economies in our own community.
Our Latest Projects
Southern Ute Methane Capture
The Southern Ute Indian Tribe in La Plata County voluntarily captures and processes methane emissions from underground coal beds, distributing it via pipeline for use as natural gas. This project, verified with Verified Carbon Standard (VCS), eliminates 23,000 to 60,000 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions every year.
Larimer County Landfill Mathane Capture
Started just a year after the CCF was created in 2007, the Larimer County Landfill Capture project has been called the “Most Promising Sequestration Formations in the Rocky Mountain Region.”
Jagar Avoided Glassland Converson
This project enables the Southern Plains Land Trust, a local organization dedicated to preserving shortgrass prairie, to acquire and conserve 6,600 acres of the Jagers Ranch in southeastern Colorado in February 2020.
Why we take the portfolio approach.
Join our mission
Interested in submitting a project?
All projects must be located in Colorado. Projects can be privately or publicly owned.
We have a preference for projects related to the following:

- Soil Carbon Sequestration
- Grasslands Preservation
- Anaerobic digestion
- Methane capture
Project must:

- reduce or remove emissions from one or more of the six greenhouse gases

-reduce emissions at the site where they are implemented by reducing or displacing the use of fossil fuels

-demonstrate clear ownership of the emissions reductions*

**projects that reduce or displace grid electricity are not considered. They result in indirect emission reductions which may cause ownership and double counting concerns
We only invest in projects and methodologies that have the potential to be replicated to generate a larger impact.
Quick Start Guide
Submitting Proposals
Initial Proposal
Submit an initial proposal to [email protected]

This will be a 1-page overview outlining the highlights of the project.
Detailed Proposal
Submit a detailed proposal upon request from CCF staff.

This formal and detailed proposal must describe the project’s:
- timeline
- location
- financing needs
- methodology
- GHG estimations
- major risks
- cash flow
Negoitate Contract
For projects that pass our due diligence, an Emission Reduction Purchase Agreement will be negotiated with project developers.
This contract vehicle establishes such key terms as ownership of the project’s emission reductions, price, the timing of the payment, and provisions in case the project underperforms.