Frequently Asked Questions
What are carbon offsets?
A carbon offset is a certificate that represents the removal or avoidance of one metric ton of carbon dioxide emissions, the driving force of climate change. Through your donations, we fund Colorado-based projects that reduce or remove greenhouse gas emissions in one place order to account for emissions made elsewhere in the state. It is a simple way for individuals and businesses to reduce their emissions to zero without making extreme changes to their lifestyle. The Colorado Carbon Fund provides the bridge to account for the gap between the emissions you can realistically reduce, and achieving zero emissions. By using carbon offsets, it is easy to become carbon neutral while supporting projects that make a difference throughout Colorado.
How are carbon offsets created?
A carbon offset is created when a project removes or avoids 1 metric ton of carbon dioxide emissions. Our emission reduction projects are put through two rigorous protocols depending on the type of project. These protocols ensure a consistent methodology and approach to each similar type of project to increase measurement accuracy. We use the

- Climate Action Reserve verification process for our methane capture project.
- Nori verification process for our regenerative agriculture projects.

Using these methodologies ensures that 1 metric ton of carbon is removed or avoided from entering the atmosphere.
How do different projects work?
An example of this is reforestation and grassland conservation projects which release oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide.

These gases would otherwise be emitted into the atmosphere. An example of this is a methane capture project at a landfill that converts the methane into electricity.BY

An example of this is funding wind power projects.
Your donation supports the project development, verification, retirement, and distribution of carbon offsets produced from projects located within Colorado. Your donation currently supports 2 branches of carbon offset projects.

1. Developing, scaling, and funding practice implementation of an entirely new economic model to incentivize Colorado-based farmers and ranchers to adopt regenerative practices to sequester more carbon, save water, and grow food for the community. You can learn more about this project here – Carbon Farming. We plan to launch the first projects in 2020 when Nori also launches their platform.

2. The Larimer Methane Capture Station which has been called “One of the Most Promising Sequestration Formations in the Rocky Mountain Region.

3. Rarely, we have to source from our 3rd party offset partners to maintain our offset stock when supply and demand from our current projects are out of sync.
Is there a minimum donation amount?
Yes, there is a minimum donation of $25 that goes to the Colorado Carbon Fund for your approval certificate.
How much does the Carbon Neutral license plate cost?
The amount to offset 50% of your emissions plus your regular registration fee.

It breaks down like this: A minimum of $25 goes to the Colorado Carbon Fund for your approval certificate. It is a one-time, tax-deductible donation that is used to support carbon offset projects in Colorado.  Then when you visit the DMV you pay a one-time $50 fee that goes to your county clerk. ($25 to Highway Users Tax Fund, and $25 to Licensing Services Cash Fund).

After paying those, you’ll be able to keep your plate for years to come, though we encourage you to please offset your emissions on an annual basis with our local projects.
Where do I register my car?
Follow this link here to find a location near you.
What do I bring to the DMV to receive my plates?
You must bring both a printed copy of your CCF License Plate Certificate and all the documents which are usually required for registering your vehicle.
You will receive your certificate via email within 24 hrs, if not...
If you do not receive your PDF license certificate within 24 hours, please contact us at “[email protected]”. We will happily ensure that you receive your certificate.
Do I need a certificate for each vehicle I'm getting a license plate for?
Yes. Each certificate is good for one set of front and rear plates.
How far in advance should I order my certificate?
At least 1 hour before you plan to go to the DMV. Certificates are sent directly to your provided email address shortly after your donation is made. If you do not receive it within the hour, please email us at “[email protected]” and we will make sure you’re all set up!
Where do I get my carbon neutral plates? Do I pick them up in person?
Take your Certificate to your county clerk office just as you would to get standard Colorado plates. No special license plates are kept in stock at county clerk offices, but you will be issued temporary tags and your Carbon Neutral Plates will be mailed to you. You must go in person. Be sure to bring your Carbon Neutral Certificate and any other documents and payments your county clerk requires.
Do I have to wait for my current registration to expire before I order plates?
You can order the plates at any time! Example: You registered your vehicle in April, but now you want the ‘Go Carbon Neutral’ plate in September. You’re in luck. Make a donation to us, take your certificate into the DMV, and you’ll be able to get your new plate. You will not have to pay your typical vehicle registration fees as long as you do not owe previous payments and you have already paid for your registration up to the next year.
What types of vehicles can I put the plates on?
Motorcycles, passenger cars, trucks, and recreational vehicles that don’t exceed 16,000 pounds empty weight.
Can I order personalized plates?
Yes. Note: The center graphic will be removed per state rules.