carbon footprint

We are failing our ecosystem.

why carbon?
Carbon is a principal driver of this imbalanced affair with nature.
Industrial and extractive markets have subverted the economy of nature, degrading planetary ecosystems and creating some of the largest challenges humanity has ever faced.
Climate Change
Loss of Biodiversity
Human Health Crisis
the effects
Our increasing carbon levels
 Over the past 30 years 
Colorado has warmed 2° F. This leads to new extremes as the new normals are in place.
 By 2050 
the number of days above 95° F from 13 to 28 causing an increased wildfire duration and intensity.
 Snowpack will decrease 
by 60% over the next 30 years. Meaning decreased water availability, increased food insecurity, and a dying ski industry.
Offset your carbon emission

Offsetting your carbon footprint is a big way to make a difference in the ‘fight’ against climate change. You can help Colorado reach a carbon-neutral future.

The change

The spread of information on climate change is vast and confusing to navigate. Luckily, folks are working hard share the challenges and solutions.

The problem
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The solution
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